How does a Clinical Team drive the success of a pharmaceutical company?

How does a Clinical Team drive the success of a pharmaceutical company?


In the field of medical devices and pharmaceuticals where MEALIS is a leader, clinical, technical and commercial team share the same orientation but through different timelines and job duties. The major role of the clinical specialist team is to duplicate themselves to secure hospital staff comfortability with the new machine (CellEx: the only approved and integrated machine that does separation of blood components and photoactivation in the same closed sterile system) and application (ECP: Extra Corporeal Photopheresis, it’s considered as 2nd line treatment for patients with GvHD (Graft vs Host Disease) and CTCL (Cutaneous T-Cell Lymphoma); “we seek our knowledge and experience of the machine and application to the nurses and staff to support them with the best knowledgeable information and experience to handle different cases and the machine itself”. Although the branding and quality of the medical products make the major influence, without aftersales support and commitment to customers the business remains incomplete. So our clinical team helps us establish, build and grow the business through continuous trainings, follow-ups, field visits, updates, and daily support.

The clinical team provides after sales training for hospital staff and technicians on the proper ways of running the machine, managing alarms and different patient’s conditions and precautions. Then hospital staff members have to perform treatments under the supervision of the clinical team that will make sure all safety measures and machine confidence is met. This is the only way that enables them to be certified to work on the machine and execute treatments on patients.

The project of launching a machine or equipment in any center is not a simple and direct task to do, this starts with a tender release and our job begins to collect and supply all the necessary documents and specifications needed for this tender. At this stage, this may not end here! Some of our professional technicians and clinical team may travel to meet hospital doctors/staff/nurses/biomedical engineers … to present and discuss all the details and resolve all doubts related.

Through after sales, the clinical team remains as the first line contact for hospitals, nurses and medical doctors. If during any procedure any complications arise with patients or machine the nurses may reach our clinical specialist team to assist them through troubleshooting and help resolve the problem. “we act as the backbone for nurses and hospital staff in all cases, to make these people feel confident more with the CellEx machine and ECP application applied”.


Our success lies in our teamwork contribution to deliver the best treatment for patients and secure a confident workflow for nurses and technicians to execute cycles and treatments in the most efficient way. We are always ready to develop and succeed in our current application (ECP on the CellEx machine from THERAKOS).

We had succeeded in launching the ECP application on the CellEx machine in 4 main centers in 3 different counties now, and the plan is to grow and spread this application more through the effectiveness it is influencing in the medical field and the awareness we are working on spreading to make this system (ECP) well known and benefiting most of the patients that still don’t have ECP as a solution.


Simply because we deliver a complete package of service quality pre and post sales, and our investments focus on developing our dedicated teams and expanding our business and application in the MENA (Middle East and North Africa) region.