MEALIS in ECP Projects!

MEALIS in ECP Projects!

Photopheresis or extracorporeal photopheresis (ECP) is a photoimmune therapy where white blood cells are separated from whole blood via apheresis, combined with photoactive drug (8-methoxypsolaren) and then exposed to ultra violet A (UVA) light. All blood components, including the treated white blood cells are returned to the patient.

THERAKOS Photopheresis utilizes the CELLEX® Photopheresis system to combine state-of-the-art cell separation and photoactivation into a single, closed and sterile circuit. The TERAKOS CELLEX® Photopheresis system collects the buffy coat (leukocyte-enrich blood) from the patient in a continuous flow process and simultaneously (double needle mode) or intermittently (single needle mode) returns the remaining cells to the patient. The buffy coat is passed through the photoactivation module where the drug is activated with a precise amount of UVA light determined by the characteristics of the individual patient’s buffy coat. After photoactivation, the buffy coat is promptly returned to the patient bloodstream.


MEALIS was the first to introduce this new treatment therapy in a closed integrated system into the Middle East, we were dedicated to perform market assessment and potential study of how much ECP potential is there. Afterwards, we managed to look for distributors working in similar areas (apheresis), having  a well-structured organization and holding the best experience and reputation in the field.

After assigning distributors, our role is to support them to maintain the business and achieve growth in  technical, clinical, regulatory, commercial and logistic areas. Our team is selected smartly to fill all of the mentioned activities, and derive a successful business model.

We had so far succeeded in launching ECP on the CELLEX® in two of the biggest hospitals in Saudi Arabia and 2 other big oncology centers in Jordan and Kuwait. Our success relies on the efforts, dedication and hard work we have and that we spread to our distributors and end users.

Our aftersales plans also make us unique in this business. For example, we arrange yearly ECP events in the presence of Key Opinion Leaders to share experience, awareness and provide updates on the  indications and benefits of ECP treatment. Furthermore, we organize regularly customized trainings for doctors and offer them the opportunity to visit biggest ECP centers worldwide.


Our clear vision of providing a specialized and comprehensive range of services (distribution, sales and marketing) for global manufacturers offering high-quality products and new concepts in medical application drives our work to make a difference in patient lives and enhance overall human health.