Our Succes Story with MEALIS


Our Succes Story with MEALIS, note by KOEK Biotechnology!

Since its launch in January 2012, KOEK Biotechnology Ltd., has always believed that it can only bring value to the medical field through two different kinds of partnerships  :

  • An internal partnership with the employees to share the company’s innovation among them.
  • An external partnership with third-party stakeholders (distributors and end users) to spread this innovative vision and build a strong presence worldwide.

Koek Biotechnology Ltd., based in the city of Izmir in Turkey, is the manufacturer of the innovative Microfluidic Sperm Sorting (MFSS) technology known today as “Chip Baby” used to increase the success rate of Assisted Reproductive Technologies (ARTs) used to treat infertility cases. The “Chip Baby” range of products -  Fertile®, Fertile Plus® and Fertile Ultimate®  are CE and FDA approved products. They are sold globally and have been clinically proven to increase the rate of successful infertility procedures by selecting sperm based on DNA integrity.

Selcuk Kilinc, General Manager of Koek Biotechnology Ltd., noted last week during a launching workshop with the Embryology club in Saudi Arabia that “ bringing value includes  essentially the ability to provide innovation that can help patients and to introduce it in the right manner, using the right channels and overcoming major regulatory and logistic challenges “.


During the past 6 years, KOEK Biotechnology Ltd. improved its market size worldwide. For this reason, in April 2018, Koek Biotechnology Ltd. decided to penetrate the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) market which is a challenging area with a big opportunity having more than 150 000 infertile couples treated annually. 

Niche products and challenging areas require the choice of a partner with confidence, commitment and effectiveness. MEALIS is the partner meeting all the aforementioned requirements.

Mr. Kilinc explains the major factors that make MEALIS a unique regional partner:

“MEALIS setup: having a regional hub with two offices, a local presence in certain countries and strategic partners in other countries in the region allow MEALIS to manage regional distribution and support regional growth efficiently.

MEALIS expertise, which is based on their previous multinational experience and exposure, is the key to any company looking to expand successfully.

Since the beginning of our cooperation in April 2018, MEALIS has shown significant commitment to conduct 9 local workshops and launch successfully the “Chip Baby” in Qatar, Oman, Kuwait, and UAE.”

The objectives of KOEK and MEALIS in 2019 is to expand more in the MENA, mainly Saudi Arabia, and to make sure to offer the innovative treatment for not less than 10 000 new infertility cases.