Technical Team

Technical Team


Equipment inventory is an essential part of an effective health-care technology management system. So in order to be effective in assisting with various technical activities, the inventory must be updated continually so that it provides at any given moment a correct look at the status of the medical equipment and installed base in general. Since dealing with medical devices was always challenging, MEALIS had great success in this through currently the CellEx machine and previously Mallickrodt injectors all over MENA region. Our strengths rely on the great experience we admired through our previous and current medical devices projects and our great technical team that showed structure and performance throughout the different phases from presenting the machine through installation and upgrading into further maintenance and repairs.

MEALIS  drives a technical team responsible for installing and upgrading newly imported THERAKOS CellEx Photopheresis machines to the region as well keeping track of all these equipment, securing proper maintenance execution programs to make sure all machines are running in best shapes and efficiency. THERAKOS CellEx Photopheresis system is an integrated system that utilizes the cell separation and photoactivation in a single integrated and sterile circuit. It’s the only approved and integrated photopheresis system that has been providing treatments since 1987. ECP is usually conducted for patients having GvHD (Graft vs. Host Disease) or CTCL (Cutaneous T-cell Lymphomas) that occur after bone marrow transplant surgeries. Due to the big importance of this treatment to patients undergoing ECP, the machine should rarely fail if proper maintenance is executed and essential troubleshooting is performed. This rely on us as well post installation and checkout to keep our connections with local engineers to assist and engage them through technical activities and continuous coaching field visits.

What is our duty and what do we do?

When the machine successfully reaches the destination hospital our team will start the process of upgrading and installing the machine with the latest version of software as well making sure that all the installation checklist is met. Water treatment procedure is implemented on the machine to secure full functionality before running real blood treatments. ECP application awareness is increasing day after day, and the concern of having such machines and treatment in the region is demanding. So further to all the ECP event and commercial efforts that have been done lately we are able to do 3 major installations last year in KSA & Kuwait. All were successful and treatments afterwards went just as good as expected ensuring the best quality treatment is delivered to the patients. On the other hand, if any part of the installation signals any deficit or strange readings or performance the installation procedure is to be considered a failure and further troubleshooting should be done prior to setting this machine into action.  

With new machines introduced to new regions we make sure that at least one engineer from the company gets trained on the servicing of the CellEx machine. As well we provide him with all the tools required to be able to service the machine anytime a breakdown is reported. As well we always propose and push every distributor to have the minimum recommended spare parts to stay safe with replacements of major parts.

Our job never ends here, but we always follow up with our engineers during troubleshooting and breakdowns making sure to assist them and help them resolve the problem. Quarterly and monthly reports are logged into our machines history files to keep track of all machines, making sure preventive maintenances are executed in an organized matter and the machine is serviced according to factory recommendations.

MEALIS stand to be the strong backbone for distributors and end-users, and since our main vision is to provide better lives for all patients. Our technical team serves to complete our main role in fulfilling patient and customer satisfaction through endless support and ensuring proper machine functioning and performance. As well building the confidence for patients, technicians, engineers, doctors and our distributors.